Rain in Germany- Algäu Party Time

Dieses Jahr beschlossen wir unsere jährliche  Anreise in die Schweiz über den Norden zu gestalten. Dunkle Wolken im Wetterbericht versprachen reichlich Regen am ersten Wochenende und so beschlossen wir auf dem Weg den deutschen Perlen Argen/Eistobel und Weissach/Buchenegger Wasserfall einen Besuch abzustatten. Am Freitag hatte alles perfekt (Hoch-)wasser aber leider war Reiner noch allein vor Ort. Am Samstag waren die Wasserstände schon etwas niedriger, aber dafür alle da...
Like every year we were of to Switzerland to spend some springtime in the alps. This year we took a different way through Germany and spend some time on the German perls Eistobel and the Buchenegger waterfall...

Harald, Robert and Andi on the first drop on the Argen after
the water comes back from the weir. photos RG

second slide, Robert doing a ?????

Andi and Robert on the "Wasserfall" which is a slide ;)

This is the slide why this run is famous ;)
Harald showing why below...

Where is the paddler?
Next Stop Weissach, Die Weissach fließt in der Nähe vom deutschen Kurort Oberstaufen und mündet in die Bregenzer Ache. Schon seit Jahren gibt es Bilder von den Locals GebrüderMotz und Co. die den Buchenegger Wasserfall bei Steibis zeigen. Geschichten von weitem rein- und raustragen und die weite Anreise waren bisher immer Gründe nicht in die Gegend zu kommen. Beim scouten am Vortag stellte ich mir die Frage ob es nicht besser sei die ganze Schlucht von Steibis zu befahren und sich somit die Trageaktion zu ersparen. Dazu später noch ein wenig mehr...
Next stop was the Buchenegger waterfall. We decided to run the whole gorge, which in the end was only half a good idea ;)

Andi and Robert styling...

Robert enjoying the scenery
Kurzbeschreibung Weissach, Buchenegger Wasserfälle/Steibis Schlucht: 
WW IV-V (ein bis dreimal X, je nach Wasserstand), Bäume! Siphone! 
Einstieg: wo die Strasse nach Steibis (Richtung Hochgratbahn) wieder zum Fluss kommt
Ausstieg: Brücke Oberstaufen-Steibis (Pegel 150 NW/Fotos - 180 viel für die Schlucht aber wahrscheinlich perfekt für die Wasserfälle)
Im Schluchteil bis zu den Wasserfällen einmal X (wirklich X!), links umtragen und Boote werfen/nachspringen, Wasserfälle beide fahrbar.
Stelle nach den Fällen bei 150cm X bei mehr vielleicht fahrbar, Schluchtstrecke nachher gesamt eher unsauber und durchs Konglomerat bedingt sehrviel unterspült. Alles umtragbar (Bei 180cm eine Stelle vermutlich mühsam). Bei 150cm eher unlohnend.
Wenn man nur den Fall fahren will ist die vermutlich einfachste Lösung: Beim Einstieg zur Schlucht einbooten, den oberen Schluchtteil fahren. Nach dem Fall links! raustragen (ohne Boot ca. 20min, anfangs steil, dann Forststrasse). Vielleicht bei der Alm fragen ob man die Boote schnell holen darf oder Wagerl hinterlegen...
Viel Spass!


Spring Creeking in Austria

Last weekend was a very really good one. It turned out to be much different than planned, but maybe this was not a bad thing...

We had planned to film for a little kayak film project we want to do, but due to some organizational difficulties and bad weather all plans for filming where thrown overboard and we just went kayaking.

To make it short - five runs in two days, three of them where personal firsts for some of us - all with perfect waterlevels... Couldn't have been much better. (Maybe a little warmer)

Thanks to Sandra Jennifer for the additional photos - Very appreciated!

Anyways, enough words! Here are the pictures...

Kummerbrücke on the Enns - Photo: Sandra Jennifer

 same drop, same boof - Photo: Sandra Jennifer

Checking levels and rainfall is so much easier nowadays ;)

Robert Machacek probes the Zinkenbach waterfall. The pool is often filled up with gravel. Right now it's clean - such a nice drop!

Harald enjoying some free flight

Photo: Sandra Jennifer
Old man Lorenz Holzer also styling it

Reiner - same drop

Photo: Sandra Jennifer
Photo: Sandra Jennifer

Andreas Stockinger on another great run in the area. This on is a bandit run - no more information possible...

Reiner cleans one of the many good drops. 

On the way back home we took a quick look at Untertalbach, but it was still quite low, and there is a new tree in one of the tight spots. We left it for the next time (now saw, no harness) and headed home.

Thanks for the support to Liquidlogic Kayaks, Alpin Action, Sweet Protection, Kokatat and Hf Safety

Cheers, Harald

Corsica - Ile de Beaute - Easter Sessions Part deux

After a week of shredding in Finale Ligure I decided to pic up Manuel Köhler in Nizza and take the ferry to Bastia. Like  pretty much every easter, a trip to Corsica marks the end of our powder weekends and gets us started into our kayaking season. Corsica is a beautiful island that features a mix of mountains and the sea and many low volume creeks. As always camping out at the beach or in the mountains with good wine and cheese and spending "after-paddle-hottub-sessions" at the Thermas (Caldanes) are a big part of what makes this start into the season a very special one. 

Col di Vergio (1470m)

The mix of sandy beaches and cold (very cold this year) mountains makes spring on Corsica very special. Think of bringing my touring skis every time I see the snowy mountains in the northern part of the island.

Manu enjoying the beach and the view near Aleria

This year we spend only 5 paddling days but got happy as we had pretty good levels on most of the rivers. The Vecchio, Fium Orbo, Travo, Tavignano, Taravo and the Liamone made us smile and enjoy life in the water.

The following are pics of the Fium Orbo that saw some personal first descents which is pretty special since I ran this river countless times before.

Manu on the entrance rapid to the first gorge of the Fium Orbo - Good idea
to have some safety ready if something goes wrong (pics by Sonja Schweighofer)

The upper gorge of the Fium Orbo consists of 4 drops that are all runable but at least two are a little bit sketchy. First time that we ran all four drops on the same run...

Manu and Mandi enjoying the famous "Rocket"

The big pool after the third drop
After this follows the last drop of the mini gorge, Check out the video of Manu below if you are interested. He cut a little GoPro video of our week. Enjoy... 
(make sure to set the quality on HD)

Better don`t swich to summer tires before you go to Corsica at easter ;) Funny things
happening on the road this morning.......

This year Manu Köhler, Mandi Stich and Sonja Schweighofer (thank u for the pictures!) spend some quality time on the island. I am especially happy about having Mandi back at my side at some kayaking adventures.  

Did I mention the importance of camping and views ;) !?

So, the season has started for us, my foot doesn`t really bother me anymore, 
let the games begin!!!!

as always a big thanks to Liquidlogic Kayaks, Alpin Action, Sweet Protection, Kokatat and Hf Safety for the support!

cheers, re

Finale Ligure - Easter Sessions Parto Uno

2 beauties in the morning light

For the last two years our season started of with an easterly biking trip to Finale Ligure. Finale is a beautiful little village on the italian coast close to Genoa. Biking is the main but not the only reason to go there as there are dozends of osterias and gelaterias where u can spend your hard earned money ;)

Phillip Kaller and Benny Meier liking it a LOT on Isallo Extasy

the girlz Elli Dornisch and Florentina Gutsche do the same

Benny somehow flighs too fast

nice buttox, äh?

 The backcountrytrails presented themselves in very good condition. A big Thank You to the local guys who spend their time shaping the awesomeness of Nato Base, Isallo, Little Champery, Rollercoaster and many more...
For scenery and rocky terrain the Varigotti and Noli trails are a must go!
talking about views?

Phillip Kaller enjoying some of the "kitsch" on Wmn´s Downhill, Varigotti

so next year, eastertime same place? probably..... 
thanks to the group of Uschi & Gerhard Meier, Benni "my baby" Meier, Florentina Gutsche, Peter Neugebauer, Phillip Kaller & Elli Do for the beautiful time!