Finale Ligure - Easter Sessions Parto Uno

2 beauties in the morning light

For the last two years our season started of with an easterly biking trip to Finale Ligure. Finale is a beautiful little village on the italian coast close to Genoa. Biking is the main but not the only reason to go there as there are dozends of osterias and gelaterias where u can spend your hard earned money ;)

Phillip Kaller and Benny Meier liking it a LOT on Isallo Extasy

the girlz Elli Dornisch and Florentina Gutsche do the same

Benny somehow flighs too fast

nice buttox, äh?

 The backcountrytrails presented themselves in very good condition. A big Thank You to the local guys who spend their time shaping the awesomeness of Nato Base, Isallo, Little Champery, Rollercoaster and many more...
For scenery and rocky terrain the Varigotti and Noli trails are a must go!
talking about views?

Phillip Kaller enjoying some of the "kitsch" on Wmn´s Downhill, Varigotti

so next year, eastertime same place? probably..... 
thanks to the group of Uschi & Gerhard Meier, Benni "my baby" Meier, Florentina Gutsche, Peter Neugebauer, Phillip Kaller & Elli Do for the beautiful time!


Waking up! - Arlberg with Spurbar

First some words about the overall situation of this blog:

I think I can say that I haven't been very productive on this blog the last year or so. It's not like I didn't have anything to write about or any photos to put online. I have the feeling that facebook kills blogs and websites. It's just so easy to post a pic or two there and add a line to it. But at the same time facebook also kills the quality of photographs and the quality of trip reports.

A couple days ago I decided to change the glanzbrothers facebook page to my personal one, simply because I had used it as a personal one and to get back to this blog with glanzbrothers content again. It think that's just the right thing to do. Me and my brother thought about starting an athlete or business site on facebook to promote our content, but we quickly realized that we didn't need another facebook page. We remembered that we had a blog where we could share our stories, photos and videos.

So, here we are... time to wake up this blog!

Last week I was asked by my cousin Basti if I could help filming for his ski movie. He had torn some ligaments in his ankle a couple days earlier and couldn't go to Arlberg to join the rest of the team filming the last parts of the movie.

After some negotiating at work and getting creative with family problems (babysitter - thanks Reiner!) I was able to join the movie shoot for a couple days and help out a bit. For me it was the first time working at a real movie shoot and I had a blast. Good fun with a great crew! Thanks to Basti for the opportunity and thanks to everybody else for the experience.

Anyway, apart from helping with filming, recording sounds and moving heavy equipment around the mountains I was able to take some pictures and also get some nice late winter pow lines.

Enough writing - here are the pictures:

The boys checking out some gnarly lines on the east side of Rüfikopf

The snow was shitty the first day, so we were just looking for possible lines for the next days

Benni enjoying some "pow" at Trittkopf

Dani doing the same
After getting a overview of the ski area the first day and discussing options for the next day it actually started snowing and didn't stop until the next day's evening. We decided to take out the red and do some slow motion stuff.

Some lift action to cut in between the epic rides ;)

After hours of shitty weather and the camera failing to turn on because of the wetness or oldness, we decided to call it a day and wait for better weather the next day.

Timelapse time! It's save to say, the weather couldn't have been better the next days. 

Another sunny day begins with the busride to Trittkopfbahn. We had seen the upper part of the Trittkopf from far away the day before. It looked like there were no tracks on the northern-eastern slopes. 

And we had seen right - Dani enjoying the pow. It wasn't the deepest shit, but it was still nice to ride.

Benni doing the same

Lukas shortly before eating shit

Lukas eating shit

Another nice untracked slope

As much as I love shooting manual lenses on my A7 - sometimes I want to throw my 135mm in the trash... I know, it's my own fault, but that damn thing is so hard to focus. This would be one of my favorite photos from the trip, but it's simply out of focus. Damn it!

We went on to film a steep little chute and after that it was time to hit the road and drive back home. Looks like next weekend will be a last time in the snow this year... Then it's time to put away skies and snowboards an hit the creeks! 


BellaCiao - Creeking in Piemonte and Ticino

Almost every year we come back to the fabulous rivers and creeks in Piemonte and Ticino. This year it was a special trip because we were joined by some good friends from across the pond. After they had guided us down some of the High Sierra runs last year it was a great feeling to return the favor and show them some of "our" runs. So here are some classics from Italy and Switzerland!

GBP Productions on Vimeo.

The Austrians: HaraldGlanz ReinerGlanz LorenzHolzerJürgenMeier LukasSeitner
The Americans: DanielBrasuell DianeGaydos DavidTaylorMaurierEmmeKing KevinSmith LauraFarrell
The Japanese: YoshihiroTakahashi
The Germans: JonasGrünewald SebastianBetz ThomasDimke
The Canadian: EvansParent

Music: Alt-J - Hunger of the Pine rjd2 - Ghostwriter Alt-J - LeftHandFree

Thanks to: Liquidlogic Kayaks, AlpinAction, SweetProtection, Kokatat, °hf, toasted
and everybody on the trip!

Southern Alps due14 - Part Tre - Ending the Trip

Mister Daniel Brasuell ready for some more boating                 pic.: Jürgen Maier
Swizz way of shuttling ;)             pic.: Jürgen Maier
After beginning our stay in Ticino with running the rivergod Verzasca (if u haven`t already, read the last trip report...) it was time for the Ribo. For these next runs we were joined by Thomas Dimke, Sebastian Betz and Jonas Grünewald to add some german flavor to the group. The alps are not very famous for its higher waterfalls and slides but the Ribo Falls are the exception to the rule. It is a clean slide and pretty easy to run at every level but still kind of intimidating if you are not used to run drops that have this kind of size.
Emme having a sweet line           pic.: Harald Glanz
GlanzBros. doing the same, same            pic.: Jürgen Maier & Harald Glanz
Don`t forget that the Ribo doesn`t only consist of these falls but is a very good run as a whole. The little walled in gorge right at Vergletto is a place to take care and you shouldn't miss the takeout after the road bridge since the section down to the Isorno is more Lämmler style, so probably not that interesting for people that don`t like boat-supported canyoning tours ;)
The next day we made our way up into the Rovana valley. The Rovana river is famous for a short stretch called "California Section" but also the rest of the river is pretty nice. At put in you can carry your boats up to the top of the entry gorge which adds some nice whitewater to start the day.

Sebastian & Jonas enjoy the last gorge of Rovana          pic.: Reiner Glanz
After the normal put-in (right at the waterfall that plunges in from the right) you should take a little care, as there is a small whole which is sometimes overseen (and not so "small" at higher levels) and can be reason for some carnage ;)

Yoshi just before the California Section   pic.: Harald Glanz

Jonas charging hard through California           pic.: Harald Glanz
There are two take-outs possible. The first one is right after the first must-run at the first road bridge. If you keep going you will have to run a second must-run gorge (first Rovana picture with Sebastian and Jonas). It is possible to portage the entrance at some levels but this second gorge is classic class V so if you're not sure you can scout at an old roman bridge before putting on the river. Make sure to walk out on river right about 150m after this gorge. Don`t miss the takeout as you can see the reason from the road bridge below ;)

Emme just before the first road bridge over the Rovana           pic.: Reiner Glanz
Levels were dropping so we figured that the levels were too low for Bavona and Isorno. We ran a short class IV stretch on the Moesa and did some more laps on lower Verzasca, before starting to make our way south and finally home. While having two more days to spend, we went up the Melezza valley to run the upper Melezza gorge and do a little park and huck at the Loana waterfalls. The Melezza is a really beautiful Class IV to V stretch. Not sure if its true, but after taking out on the lake some fishermen said that it is not allowed to run it so I would be happy for any info...
Wallride in the beautiful upper Melezza gorge          pics.: Yoshi Takahashi & Harald Glanz

The Melezza is kinda special because she carves her way through limestone and then granite in one stretch. If you have higher levels and run the upper Waterfall at Re (walk down at the little cemetery at the eastern side of Re) you would actually add some conglomerate to the list. You should probably take care at the beginning of the granite gorge at high levels because portaging could get very difficult (possible to scout a little right at a road tunnel high above the river).

David and Reiner in the first drops of upper Melezza           pics.: Jürgen Maier

The Cascada de Loana  marks the end of the Loana whitewater stretch that can be run at higher levels. Its a really nice 6m waterfall followed by an ugly slot and ended with the usually run high slide. Our level was really low but since we were there Daniel Yoshi and myself decided we might as well do something stupid and stone it...

Reiner, Daniel and Yoshi on a low water Loana experience           pics.: Jürgen Maier

The last river of our trip was the lower Cannobino. We had a very low level and three guys knew the gorge so it was a very fun and low stress experience. The big pool after you exit this walled-in gorge marked the end of our two week roadtrip through the southern Alps. Even though we were a very big group with different interests, paddling skills and mindsets I was really surprised how well this worked. Can`t wait to see ya guys again ;)
Americans eating           pic.: Harald Glanz

Yoshi and Kevin enjoying the last evening           pic.: Jürgen Maier
As allways I want to thank Liquidlogic Kayaks, Alpin Action and Hf Paddlesports for their support!!